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LiDAR-equipped drones can quickly and accurately create high-resolution 3D maps of areas that are difficult or dangerous to access by traditional methods. This can be useful in a wide range of industries, from construction and mining to environmental monitoring and agriculture.

  • With the use of drones, photogrammetry can capture images, analyze the data to get the measurements and convert them to a 3D map efficiently and at the least cost.

  • The photogrammetric techniques yield results that are highly accurate, making them very reliable to use for mapping or other purposes.

  • Easier to re-survey or re-evaluate the site again to get any of the missing information without the loss of any time.

  • Surveying roads with a drone can be done without disrupting the flow of the traffic or endangering the lives of the crew.


  • Easy to take photos of remote areas and hard to reach locations with accuracy in dimensions. This lowers the threat to the safety of the crew surveying places that may be dangerous.

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