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Agisoft Metashape is a powerful photogrammetry software that allows you to create 3D models from a collection of 2D photographs. It utilizes the principles of computer vision to extract depth information and reconstruct the geometry of objects or scenes.

Photogrammetry training on Agisoft Metashape

Photogrammetry is a field that offers countless possibilities. Output quality and speed of execution are directly linked to the know-how in mastering the tools at disposal.

Agisoft Metashape is a high-performance, quick and autonomous software. It is necessary to provide quality raw material and to configure the most suitable parameters in order to achieve this. Trainings given by PGR allow to discover this wonderful tool so that it can be exploited at its best potential. These trainings include specific targeted modules depending on the final intented use of Agisoft Metashape which can be for topography or 3D modeling of objects applications.


Our team provides tailored trainings, adapted to several levels from beginners to intermediate users who want to extend their knowledge. Thanks to the theory exposed, examples given and exercises performed, an extensive and deep exploration of the software parameters, best practice and workflow is done.

Agisoft Metashape provides a user-friendly interface and offers detailed documentation and tutorials to help users get started. It's recommended to consult the official documentation and explore online resources to gain a deeper understanding of the software's capabilities and optimize your photogrammetry workflow.

Course Outline for Agisoft Metashape training:

Module 1: Introduction to Photogrammetry and Agisoft Metashape

  • Overview of photogrammetry and its applications

  • Introduction to Agisoft Metashape and its features

  • Understanding the workflow in Agisoft Metashape

Module 2: Image Acquisition for Photogrammetry

  • Principles of image acquisition for photogrammetry

  • Camera settings and considerations

  • Best practices for capturing high-quality images

  • Importance of image overlap and coverage

Module 3: Project Setup and Image Import

  • Creating a new project in Agisoft Metashape

  • Importing images and organizing the project workspace

  • Handling image calibration and metadata

Module 4: Alignment and Camera Calibration

  • Automatic and manual image alignment

  • Camera calibration and optimization

  • Refining camera positions and orientations

Module 5: Point Cloud Generation

  • Building a sparse point cloud from aligned images

  • Adjusting point cloud settings and quality parameters

  • Removing outliers and optimizing point cloud density

Module 6: Dense Point Cloud and Mesh Generation

  • Generating a dense point cloud from the sparse point cloud

  • Configuring settings for dense point cloud generation

  • Creating a surface mesh from the dense point cloud

Module 7: Texture Mapping and Model Optimization

  • Applying textures to the surface mesh

  • Optimizing the model for better visual quality

  • Handling texture seams and artifacts

Module 8: Exporting and Post-processing

  • Exporting the reconstructed model in various formats

  • Post-processing options and techniques

  • Integration with other software and workflows

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