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QGIS Training Courses

QGIS (Quantum Geographic Information System) is a free and open-source cross-platform desktop GIS (Geographic Information System) application. It provides tools for analyzing, visualizing, and managing spatial data from a variety of sources, such as shapefiles, geodatabases, CSV files, and GPS data

QGIS is developed using the Qt framework and can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. It offers a wide range of features, including:

  1. Spatial data viewing and editing

  2. Map creation and printing

  3. Geoprocessing and analysis tools

  4. 3D visualization

  5. Support for a variety of data formats and projections

  6. Plugin support for extending functionality

  7. Integration with external data sources such as WMS 

  8. (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service)

QGIS training course Module:

  1. Introduction to QGIS: This module will provide an overview of the software and its capabilities, along with an introduction to the interface and basic operations.

  2. Data Sources: This module will cover the different types of data sources that can be used with QGIS, including vector data (e.g. shapefiles, GeoJSON, KML) and raster data (e.g. satellite imagery, elevation models).

  3. Spatial Data Visualization: This module will cover the basics of creating and customizing maps, including setting the projection, adding layers, and changing styles.

  4. Spatial Data Analysis: This module will cover various analytical tools in QGIS, such as buffer, intersection, and distance calculations.

  5. 3D Visualization: This module will introduce trainees to the basics of creating and working with 3D visualizations in QGIS.

  6. Plugin Development: This module will teach trainees how to develop custom plugins for QGIS using Python.

  7. Web Mapping: This module will cover the basics of creating and publishing web maps using QGIS.

  8. Remote Sensing: This module will introduce trainees to the basics of working with remote sensing data in QGIS.

  9. Spatial Databases: This module will teach trainees how to work with spatial databases in QGIS, such as PostGIS.


Book a Course

We offers a 2-day QGIS Basic Course (RM1,499) and 1-day Intermediate QGIS Course (RM1,799), run by our experienced GIS trainers

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